Express Nubuck and Suede Cleaner


- effective suede sponge to thoroughly clean suede shoes
- ideal for sensitive suede leathers such as nubuck and suede leather
- gentle brushing removes dust, dirt and stains
- practical quick cleaner for efficient shoe cleaning
- ideal for regular care of suede leather
- colorless sponge for every shoe color, from light to dark


Our Eg-Gü Premium Color Express Nubuck Cleaner makes it easy for you to get nubuck leather, suede and suede shoes clean again. In seconds, you can effectively brush even dried dirt and water marks out of any type of suede with our Nubuck Sponge. A shoe care must-have to keep nubuck and co. in excellent condition for as long as possible. Gentle brushing refreshes the noble velvet look of the suede surface and prevents the leather from aging quickly.

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1 review for Express Nubuck and Suede Cleaner

  1. Carl -

    Almost perfect product for my suede shoes... there could be a little more inside.

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